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"Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Driven by Human Excellence"

Our sophisticated, automated trading robot “Robodance” is a state of the art, high tech trading system. What makes our trading approach so unique is that our algorithms are packed with artificial intelligence, which permanently calculate the Forex market pattern. In other words, Robodance does not trade by fixed parameters for placing a trade, but only when a certain amount of pattern confirms the new direction of a trend.

Robodance is a perfect mix of trend, hedge and reversal components and executes trades without any emotion 24 hours a day. In March 2020 we have added a new generation of trading filter combined with high frequency components, which results in about 1.500 automatically executed trades per month. For technic lovers, all trades are placed or closed with a speed of 8 ms ping through our own servers.

- Christa K.
“This a true masterpiece of high tech. Now I understand why you call it Robodance as it is “dancing” 24h in the market. Respect to you all!”  
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