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"The Daily Trading Volume of the Forex Market is 5.4 Trillion USD."

The global currency market also known as Forex for its or FX is the largest financial market in the world with a daily turnover of over U.S. $ 5.4 trillion (USD), which makes it the most liquid financial market in the world. The Forex market is not only the world’s largest financial market but also the most active, and our automated trading system can operate permanently from Sunday midnight to Friday 22.00 GMT.

It is regarded as the most globalized market nowadays. All transactions that executed in the Forex market are related to currency pairs, where the sale of a currency is subject to the purchase of another one at the same time and vice versa. It is important to know that FX can generate profits and returns regardless of the behaviour in global or local’s markets (bullish trend or bearish trend) due to the flexibility of the FX market.

- Alicia R. / Consultant
“To be honest I did not know about Forex before but I love this financial monster, a 24h market which never sleeps ”  
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