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This is our current real time live trading performance (no demo or back testing results).

You can see the verified results inside the members area of Roboforex, when you subscribe to our CopyFx service.

"Protection of the initial investment
is our first priority"

For us Forex Trading is not gambling and our No. 1 rule when it comes to trading is capital protection. Below you see our live account performance (Low Risk) which is based on EUR Cent (€10.000 is € Cent 1.000.000). The reason for the Cent account is, that it gives us a better margin level and lowers the risk at the same time. The live performance that we are publishing works with low risk settings, expecting an annual gross return of 30% with the same percentage in risk level. Although we prefer low risk at all times, we have been asked to also create a trading scenario for investors with a higher risk appetite.  This trading set up (High Risk) requires a minimum investment of only €1.000 (€ Cent 100.000) from the investor and the profit expectation is a remarkable 250% p.a. gross return. For the high risk trading we do recommend to withdraw profits on a weekly basis as a total loss of the principal may happen. Please note that risk and reward go hand in hand and therefore we always recommend the lowest possible risk level as shown below.

- Chris C. / Manager 
“This high frequency trading is pure fascination. Not one day so far without 50 trades and not one losing day after the first month of trading. Whoever said good trading is boring has no clue. ”  
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