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"We have doubled
your cash"

Under ‘back-testing’ Robodance successfully achieved profits in the big crash of 2008 and traded successfully with high profits through the “Brexit” chaos by live trading in a perfect manner.


Since 2013 we are trading live accounts and doubled the investments of our customers within 5 years. This is the background of our project “Double Your Cash”!


For our current live performance, please CLICK HERE

- Karl W. / Entrepreneur
“I started live trading with Green Investments in April 2013 until March 2020. During this nearly 7 years of live trading I achieved a total profit of 160% net. My account was never over 15% drawdown in open positions at all times and it always recovered. Unfortunately, due to the Corona crisis I needed to stop as the trading funds were required for my business. I will be back! ”  
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